Monday, March 17, 2014

King's Biergarten

This weekend, I went to the best restaurant in Houston… Okay, so it’s actually in Pearland, but that doesn't matter because it was PHENOMENAL!

I realized that day, that I’m kind of a foodie…  I’m not the kind of foodie that can tell you what spice was used in a spaetzle; I’m just the kind that can tell you that food is delicious. That’s okay with me though, I love good food and that’s what matters.

So this is what I had at my new favorite restaurant:

The Famous Schnitzel Sandwich with a side of Spaetzle

It was delicious! I put their dusseldorf mustard on the sandwich and stole some of my friend’s sauerkraut for the second half of my sandwich.  We finished off our meal by splitting a Cream Cheese Strudel.

So thank you to King's Biergarten & Restaurant for reconnecting me with my German heritage. I had forgotten how delicious German food can be, and am extremely happy to be reconnected with it.

Next goal: Learn how to make traditional German meals and begin mastering them and embracing my heritage.

What are ways that you embrace your heritage?

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