Friday, March 30, 2012

Busy March

Realizing that it's the end of March, I'm not sure where this month went! We've had quite a few visitors to Casa Iggy recently. At the beginning of March, our program coordinator Amber visited for a week. Lisa and CJ visited that Wednesday and we went to the Hornets at Kings game. Then that Sunday, I had a last minute visit from Alex and his mom and Darren. A week without visitors, then Katie came the next Sunday and stayed through Friday when I brought her to Reno. I stayed in Nevada for the weekend, and then it was this week!

Over Katie's visit, we hiked through Muir Woods along with taking in some sites near Sacramento. It was nice to meet her friend Lindsay who lives in Reno. Then over my weekend in Nevada, I got to spend time with Lisa and Meagan. We went to the Hunger Games.

This past week has been extremely busy. We have new Americorps volunteers. The two placed in Friendship Park are Terrin and Aaron. They're fantastic! Their team leader Travis is also around the park a lot. It's been great to have them around, especially at the end of the month. Yesterday, we took around 120 guests to the Sacramento Zoo. Most really enjoyed it, and it went very smoothly. It was the first Friendship Park field trip, but, hopefully, not the last. Today, Molly and I brought one guest, Kenneth, to low-income apartments. Molly has been helping get him into a program at an apartment complex and off of the streets. Kenny was extremely nervous, but did really well. After filling out the paperwork, we headed back to downtown Sacramento. The first song that came on the radio in Molly's car on the way home was one that Kenny really liked, so he quietly asked if she would turn it up. The rest of the car ride, he had a big smile on his face. It was really cute.

Although the month has been extremely busy, I still enjoy my job and community. I'm on the hunt for a job for next year and have been turning in some resumes and applications. I'll update the blog when/if I get a job lined up for August.

Thank you for all of your support. It really helps me get through the tougher days.

An otter at the Sacramento Zoo