Sunday, July 8, 2012

Interview Recap

Hello world,

Nice to see you again. The interview in Houston went really well. It was very enjoyable. I had 5 hours in the hotel before the interview began, so I printed out our pre-interview assignment, ironed my clothes, used the fitness center, watched the Euro Cup championship game, and then got ready for the interview. I had a roommate, but Killena was really cool. She arrived at the hotel with a little less than an hour before the interview began. At 5pm, the interviews began. We were all gathered in the conference room and had to do introductions (15 men, 2 women), then we were shown a presentation. Then we had dinner, did a group project, then were issued coveralls, steel toes, a hard hat, and safety glasses for our tour the next day and dismissed. We all gathered in the hotel bar to socialize a bit before going to bed. At the end of the night, I was still there with 3 of the hiring managers and 2 others being interviewed. It was nice to see them in a social setting because we were able to ask them questions, but most importantly, we were able to get to know them. I quickly learned that they were very sarcastic and that my personality fit in perfectly.

The next day, we had breakfast and then left for a tour of the Sugarland training facilities. The facilities were really nice, we had a tour of an on-land oil rig, the research and development area, the classroom area, etc. They have a nice running path, some basketball courts, and some tennis courts. They also have a gym, but we didn't see that. After the tour, we headed back to the hotel, packed up, checked out of our rooms, and met in the conference room to be sent to our individual interviews. I was in the first half, and 2 of my interviewers were 2 of the 3 men I'd been BSing with the night before. For once, I wasn't nervous in an individual interview. I knew I could just be myself, so I was, and it went smoothly. Then we waited around for the bus to come get us and take us to the airport. At the airport, we rushed through security and a couple of us went for celebratory drinks before our flights. Boarded the plane, and headed home. My fun little free vacation was over.

I lounged around and did a lot of nothing that weekend. I was so exhausted from the whirlwind trip that I decided it was better to watch Season 3 of Big Bang Theory all day than to push my exhaustion further by going to caves and whatnot. Then we had the first week of July at work. Not too much of consequence happened. I was checking my email constantly, hoping that I would find out earlier rather than later about the job. They said it usually takes a week, but because of the 4th, it may take 2 weeks. At lunch on Friday, I found out my friend Todd got the job with Schlumberger and began to worry. I now knew one of the spots was taken (they usually hire about 30% of their interviews), and I still hadn't heard anything. Then, around 2:30pm, I had finally calmed down and stopped checking my email every 5 seconds, and then my phone notified me that I had an email. I opened it to see that I was offered the job!! I'm still very excited! It feels surreal.

So, I will be moving to Houston, TX, in September. My tentative start date is September 10. I have to turn in my acceptance paperwork by Wednesday, but I plan to turn it all in tomorrow. I have a month from when JVC ends and Schlumberger begins, so I will be able to road trip home with the family and spend some time in Kansas :) Hopefully I can fit in kayaking and a Royals game (anyone willing to go with me?). I should be able to meet my new nephew Nate and see his big brother Toby. Have a play date with Avery and Briggs. And, I should be able to make it to my beautiful cousin Rachel's bridal shower! Everything is finally falling into place, and I couldn't be more excited! There has been a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders now that I know what I'm doing next. I've always wanted to avoid Texas, but I guess it's time for Texas to have it's shot at winning me over. If nothing else, after I become well-trained, I should be able to move to Louisiana, which I know I love. :)

I hope all of your holidays went well, and that your week was as exciting as mine. Thanks for all the support you've all given me over the years, especially throughout this year. I love and miss you all and can't wait to see you again!