Friday, October 14, 2011

Growing Stronger

Today, I've realized how strong I've become in the 2 months since I began working at Friendship Park. The first couple of days, I tried to tag along with someone else, and would talk to people that the staff would introduce me to. I just kept going back to them as safety nets. I didn't want to work the ticket window because I didn't want everyone to be mad at me for taking so long. I didn't hide, but I was usually worried. When I saw my first fight, I was so flustered. I had to go into the office and just sit there for a bit.

This morning started off with Molly and I needing to choose between working the ticket window when we opened or sugar. I gladly volunteered for the ticket window and let Molly go do sugar. Then on one of my morning breaks, I went and talked with one of the guests, Charles. I'd remembered his name for a while at the ticket window, but I hadn't had a real conversation with him yet. I talked to him until 5 til 11am. Then, I went back to the ticket window, where I worked while the first group went to lunch. At 11:30am, I went to lunch with Molly and the JVC recruiter, Catherine, who was volunteering at the park for the day. The Italian Pasta was delicious!

Upon returning to the park after lunch, I hung out around the service counter talking with Cait who works next door and was taking a break. Then a fight broke out right by where I was (I'm not sure why I'm by so many of the fights), and instead of stepping away and yelling for a green hat, I grabbed one of their bags and pulled him away so that the male green hats could get between them and calm them down. I wasn't really needed, but it felt great to now have that courage rather than running away.

Then I began to play cards (Rummy) with Jackie (fellow employee) and two of the guests, Robert and Anthony. Robert is 94 years old! He was saying that his daughter is turning 74 tomorrow, but I thought he was turning 74. Then later while playing cards, Robert checked his phone and found out he has a new grandson! He's a great guy! I was happy to finally talk to him more. After cards, I went to clean up the service center, grabbed cardboard boxes to take to the dumpster and got stopped by Houston and James. I ended up talking to them until the park closed, and just had a fun time.

It's weird to think how much has changed in just 2 months. Most of which is indescribable. I can't imagine what I'll be like by the end of the year, or even in a little over a month when I go home. This experience keeps me on my toes and changing.

In other news, I've found a sports bar that I'm very fond of, so if you're here on a Sunday during football season, you will probably find me there watching all of the games. That may be where I watch the World Series at as well. I still play frisbee every Saturday morning, but I also joined a league team on Wednesdays. We've won our first two games, but will evidently be up against a very tough team soon.

I hope all is well on your end, wherever you are!